You may be surprised at the differences between Japan and your own culture.
We thank you for the fortunate encounter that led you here.
We create artworks based on the concept of bridging cultures, by upcycling silk fabrics that have been handed down in Japan since ancient times.

Would you like to share your once-in-a-lifetime experience with Japan with your family and friends, or create a remembrance for you and your loved ones?

A handbook and card will be enclosed with the artwork — a simple description of the meanings of good fortune embedded in the pattern.
In the case of a gift, we will also send the same content in PDF format to the recipient.
We would be happy to be of some help when talking to customers, or when customers wish peace and good luck to the recipients.

We handcraft them wholeheartedly with the concept of inheriting something we don’t want to lose, on to the next generation.
You can also add a commemorative name, date, memorable place, or message you would like to convey to someone. (Currently under preparation.)


Would you like to have a dialogue about the wishes for peace and happiness that kimono patterns hold?
Touch the kimono with your own hands and give yourself the gift of fortune.

・Rainy day activity (inbound): Immediate response (if available)
・Workshop for anyone who lives in Japan (hybrid) Conversational workshops
・Online workshop for those who want to spend time at home (set of materials available for sale) Conversational workshops
 (notebook binding / drawstring bags- lunch boxes, makeup pouches, accessories, for rice balls, freestanding bag-in-bag)