Meaning of the pattern: immortality, longevity, disease-free life, mental and physical health.
For these reasons, the chrysanthemum has generally been associated with immortality, prolonged longevity, disease-free life, and the repelling of evil spirits, and has been regarded as a pattern representing mental and energetic contentment, stability, nobility, calmness, and mental and physical well-being.
A very noble flower, it is also used in the imperial coat of arms. Since ancient times, chrysanthemums have been regarded as an auspicious flower to ward off evil spirits and a symbol of health and long life.
Kumihimo is a craft handed down from the Nara period (710-794) and is made by combining fine silk threads in several different ways. The delicate and graceful Kumihimo motifs and the act of ‘tying’ them are believed to ward off evil spirits.